Insulation and Ventilation

Insulation Contractors Near Mobile, Al

Attic Insulation

  • Building Code for attics in the Southeast with blown-in insulation is R-30. This equates to about 10-12 inches of insulation. If your insulation is inadequate, it can be an easy upgrade during a re-roof project to start saving on heating and cooling.
Roof Ventilation In Mobile, Al

Roof Ventilation

  • Did you know as a homeowner that an improperly ventilated attic not only costs you money in heating and cooling but also leads to early deterioration of your roof? The average life of an asphalt shingle roof in the Southeast is 15-20 years, but with an improperly ventilated attic, this can cut the life down as little as 10 years. Armour Roof and Dek has completed multiple education classes on proper attic ventilation. We are trained to calculate the required ventilation needs for your attic. Whether it is ridge vents, power fans, or solar fans, we can handle your ventilation needs.