"After my home experienced storm damage, Mike inspected my roof and helped me work with insurance. He walked me through the entire process and was here during the installation of my new roof. Mike even helped me pick a new color. I was impressed with the promptness of Armour Roof and Dek and how they cleaned up at the end of each day. Mike at Armour Roof and Dek was a charm to work with. I would recommend them to my friends and neighbors."

Michelle M.

Daphne, AL

We kept losing shingles. They would slide out. Jason inspected our roof and found lots of mis-nailing. He sent his crew out the next day to replace several shingles. He explained how they should be nailed. We will definitely use Armour Roof and Dek for our next roof.

Deb and Mike E.

Spanish Fort, AL

Mike was very well prepared and helped us pick a new shingle design for our house. He explained the entire roofing process. He told me our attic was holding a lot of heat and suggested new solar powered attic fans. We have noticed our power bill is much lower.

Jack and Rachel A.

Gulf Shores, AL

I was impressed that the guys cleaned up at the end of each day and did a great job of cleaning up nails when they left. I liked how Mike explained their fortified roof. My home insurance really did go down.

Susan H.

Mobile, AL

I got two bids when I needed a new roof. Armour Roof and Dek was more expensive. Jason showed me his insurance and workers comp certificates. I found out the other company had no insurance at all. Glad I chose Armour Roof and Dek. You really do get what you pay for. Thanks Jason.

Anthony T.

Gulf Shores, AL

Armour Roof and Dek roofed my house. One area of my roof always sagged. Jason and Mike personally went to the attic and found no bracing on two rafters. They fixed this and did not charge extra. My new roof now looks flat and doesn't sag. these two guys know how to get things done right.

Tim P.

Daphne, AL

Our roof was beat up with hail damage. Jason and Mike helped us work with insurance to get it replaced. Mike even had samples of felt and shingles to show us how our new roof would be constructed. They also took care of the fortified inspection for us. At the end, we purchased the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty. I enjoyed working with Jason and Mike.

Bryan and Sally T.

Spanish Fort, AL

I called Jason after a few shingles came loose during a storm. He came out the same day and had a crew out to my house by afternoon to repair my roof. These guys respond. They do what they say they're going to do.

Sarah C.

Mobile, AL

Armour Roof and Dek came out and gave me a quote within a day of contacting them. Most other companies were a week out. They made sure to educate me on the process including real timelines of completion. The crew was professional and efficient, and most important to me, they finished on time.

Steve M.

Foley, AL